Health Fund Rebate

Please read carefully if you want to claim your health fund.

    1.  Only Remedial Massage can be claimed at our business. Other services are not covered at this moment.

    2. Not all the Health Insurance companies are accepted, so please mention your insurance company before book your massage to check whether you are eligible. The situation is varies day to day because our registered massage therapist could move in between different branches.

    3. Due to the fact that not everyone registers with Hicaps, we need to arrange your booking with right person. Walk-in customers may have a chance that cannot receive rebate.

    4. We do not provide rebate quote service. If you are wondering how much you can rebate from your insurance company, please contact them before having your massage. In the case of refuse to pay because the high gap amount is not allowed.

HICAPS Available All Major Health Insurances

Bookings Essential  /  No Discounts Apply  /  No Gift Cards Redeemed